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28 October 2021
DTU Skylab, Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
DTU Startup Day

DTU Skylab
Centrifugevej 374
2800 Kongens Lyngby

DTU's main campus is located in Lyngby 15 km north of Copenhagen.

Access the Journey Planner to see how to get to DTU Lyngby Campus and DTU Skylab with public transportation from Copenhagen.

Car parking near DTU Skylab

Please pay attention when parking nearby DTU Skylab. Some parking areas have no time limit while others are limited to three hours.

Closed since 26 October 2021
Location DTU Skylab
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Austria 1
Czech Republic 1
Denmark 411
Dominica 1
Finland 1
India 1
Israel 1
Netherlands 1
Poland 1
Sweden 3
Ukraine 1
United States 2
Uruguay 1
Total 426
Investor (business angel, VC, CVC ect.) 70
Company 220
University afiliation 78
Association/Agency 9
Authority/Government 8
Other 41
Total 426