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28 October 2021
DTU Skylab, Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
DTU Startup Day

DTU Entrepreneurship

With rigorous research at its core, DTU Entrepreneurship builds the entrepreneurial capabilities of students, industry leaders, academics and policymakers to address unsolved problems, and together create new knowledge, methodologies and initiatives. Organizer of DTU X-Tech, an accelerated-learning programme that combines engineering, business and marketing students with inventions, patents and technological needs from industry partners and DTU research.

DTU Link

At DTU Risø Campus, a former research building has been converted into an innovation hub, where tech startups can live side by side with the unique research environments at Roskilde Fjord. The site facilitates an accelerator and collaborations between researchers, SMEs, and startups in Region Zealand.

DTU Science Park

Denmark’s leading community for deep tech companies, made up of more than 290 companies and more than 4,300 scientists, entrepreneurs, business developers and employees who work side by side nurturing each other, because all recognize the value of collaboration and knowledge sharing. Organizer of Danish Tech Challenge, Denmark's leading accelerator for hardware startups.

DTU Skylab

DTU Skylab is the living lab for innovation and entrepreneurship at DTU Lyngby Campus. Here, state-of-the-art technology and science match with an ambitious and open community, where students, researchers and corporate partners meet to exchange knowledge and develop visionary solutions for real-world challenges. Organizer of Skylab Ignite, an early-stage accelerator for tech startup affiliated with DTU.


The leading workspace in Denmark dedicated to deep tech startups, built up by containers and located at DTU Lyngby Campus. Here, startups develop their technologies, get help with business and product development and going to market with their deep tech industry solutions.

Closed since 26 October 2021
Location DTU Skylab
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